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Samshield Helmets Keeping Heads Safe

Samshield helmets pride themselves on putting safety first in the products they create, so you can imagine how ecstatic we were to receive the following email from one of our valued customers.

"Wanted to thank Samshield!! My 15 yr old daughters [sic] horse flipped over onto her while showing in WEF last week. She was wearing your helmet, and it saved her head! So grateful!! She walked away with a smashed clavicle, but nothing else. "

Thanks again!"

Wow, that's a lot of exclamation marks. We're sorry about the clavicle, ouch. However, the important thing to remember is the walking away part.

Equestrian is exciting, and a fantastic sport for young people to take part in. However, the above email emphasises how important it is to always wear high-quality safety gear.

Horses are large, powerful, intelligent animals, but even they have bad days. Despite always trying their hardest, even the best horses can make mistakes and miss their footing.

It's never fun for the horse when it falls over. It’s even less fun for the person who finds themselves at the wrong end of a hoof belonging to a horse struggling to regain its footing. Getting trapped underneath a rolling horse is also a dangerous and terrifying situation.

It's incredibly important you prepare for the worst whenever you get up on a horse. You never know what will happen. Fortunately, most time spent on a horse ends up being loads of fun. However, should the worst happen, it's the safety gear like Samshield helmets that prevent a good day out from turning into a tragedy.

Samshield makes no compromise when it comes to keeping riders safe. Not only do they conform to all safety standards, but they also go above and beyond by working with the most demanding laboratory in the world.

All helmets are put through rigorous testing, including impact testing for falls, and a side distortion test to protect against squashing. Ventilation is important for comfort, but even these areas are tested against penetration.

It's this demand for nothing but the best that will keep riders safe and walking away from accidents.

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