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Can I ride a horse even if I have a fear of heights

Should you be afraid of falling off of your horse? No! If you're scared of falling, you won't choose to try or fall in love with this sport in the first place. Should you distrust your horse? No! You should trust the horses you ride with, and you should love them. So why on earth are you afraid? 

Why do we need to overcome fear? Overcoming fear is not an easy thing. The fear response is a natural survival skill -- it exists to remind us that we will react when something approaches that could cause danger or harm. However, when fear suppresses our interests and forces us away from the things we love, we must overcome it or learn how to manage it.

1. Set small goals

Don't set your goals too high at once because that can be hard to achieve and add to your psychological burden. The best way to do this is to make your goals smaller and more achievable.

2. Be honest with your fear and not deny it

This is very important. Accepting fear helps us recognize that it is accurate, controls us and that it is something we need to work hard to overcome. What is standing in your way is what you are afraid of. Facing your fears is the first step forward. 

3. Build a good relationship with your horse

If we can trust our horse more, it makes it easier to overcome our fears. We all know what it's like to ride a horse that doesn't trust. Usually can wash the horse, brush the horse, walk the horse, feed the horse, and so on with the horse to establish a firm friendship. 

4. Be patient

Applies to all areas of our lives, including overcoming fear. We should not expect to overcome it quickly, but we should recognize that it is a gradual process, and as long as we make a little progress each day, we will get closer to success! 

5. Get a Friend for a Ride

I've always felt that riding with someone else is less intimidating because it takes you out of the "what ifs" of being with a friend.

Have you ever had this fear of trying to ride a horse? How did you overcome it?

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