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Lucy Deslauriers

Lucy Deslauriers is a young rider who is increasingly involved in show jumping competitions. Lucy started horse riding at a very young age and started competing at the age of 8/9, which further developed her passion.


A childhood in the horse riding world

Lucy received the support of both of her parents early on, as they are both famous riders in the horse riding world. Her father competed on the Canadian team and her mother on the United States team. Both helped Lucy to train and develop her talent. His father and mother trained her from an early age to master all the tricks in competition, but also to better keep her concentration and not let stress overwhelm her. This family support was essential to fully develop one's riding skills while maintaining a healthy balance in life.


The support of her parents and coach

Her parents were not the only support Lucy had, her trainer, McLain Ward, was of particular help in her sport development by teaching her on horseback riding, but also by helping her to strengthen her mind for competitions which can be very taxing both mentally and physically.




Studies remain a priority

Although horseback riding is her passion she has not left her studies behind and continues to study at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Another of her passions is tennis, a sport of which she is totally a fan and plays especially in summer when her classes are over. It is also in the summer that Lucy trains daily with her two horses and travels for her competitions.



A future star to follow

Lucy is a rising star in equestrianism and her many appearances in jumping competitions are just the start of her career. Her ultimate goal is to win the gold medal for the USA in the US, if that goal is not yet reached, it is certain that Lucy is on the right track to obtain it.

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