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What equipment do I need to start horse riding?

If you are considering starting horseback riding there are several things you should know before you even start, and it begins with what clothes you will wear. Although many people wear only jeans and simple shoes for the first time, all of these clothes will need to be changed very quickly to improve your comfort, your safety and that of your horse. In this article, we will quickly take a look at the main equipment you need to have to start well.
Wear a helmet to protect yourself from falls
Wearing a helmet is essential when you go horseback riding. It is particularly necessary when you go to do activities where your balance may be affected such as trotting, jumping, running, ... A simple bicycle helmet will not be enough to protect you properly, you will need a real helmet, and like any helmet, it will have to be changed if you have a major fall because the protection will no longer be as effective.

A jacket to protect yourself, but which does not prevent you from moving
Wearing a jacket will also be necessary during your ride. The jacket must protect you in the event of a fall, without hindering your movements to control your horse, the jacket must also not make annoying noise for the horse.
Gloves to control your horse properly
If you plan to participate in horseback riding for a long time or if you need to actively control your horse gloves will be necessary. However, you will not be able to use just any gloves. Indeed, your gloves will have to adhere well to the reins of your horse, otherwise, you will lose control which can be dangerous.

Boots to keep good control and not to fall
Footwear is very important in horseback riding, and it is strongly recommended that you do not wear sneakers when going horseback riding as you can lock your feet in the stirrup. You will need to take shoes with a 3-centimeter heel that can also encompass your ankles. It will bring you more comfort and you won't risk hurting yourself or blocking your feet.
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