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What equipment do I need to start horse riding? (Horse's edition)

If you've recently started riding and enjoyed it, you might be tempted to own a horse. But just like you, your horse needs the right equipment too. This equipment will be used to better handle your horse, to be more stable when riding it, but also not to hurt it when you get on it. In this article, we will introduce you to the main equipment to have for your horse to start horse riding.
Bridle & Reigns
Bridles and reigns are pieces of equipment that you use to handle your horse with precision. Owning quality equipment will not only help to have something more pleasing to the eye, it will also be more resistant over the years and will therefore be more comfortable when you handle your horse. An important point is that if you have your own equipment you will not need to readjust it to your size and the reins will always be a safe distance away for you.

Saddle Blanket
The saddle blanket is a particularly important piece of equipment for your horse. This equipment will make riding easier for your horse as it will be protected from the saddle itself. Your horse will have less mark and will be able to withstand long walks.
The saddle is essential equipment for your comfort and support, but also for your horse. Having a quality saddle will make your rides more comfortable for you and your horse, but it is best to own your horse before purchasing your saddle to check if it will be the right size or not, so don't be too impatient.

The stirrups will help you ride, keep balance and stability on your horse. It is therefore particularly important equipment to own. However, it is imperative that you equip yourself with shoes with small heels so that your foot does not get stuck, so no flats.
Maintenance accessories
You will need to keep your equipment in good condition to keep it effective for as long as possible. It will depend on the type of equipment you have, the synthetic leather, leather or metal surfaces must each have their own cleaning product to avoid premature deterioration.
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