Small, easy to clip and adaptable to all straps thanks to its silicone clip, Ceefit will accompany you in your daily workouts.



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Small, easy to clip on and adaptable to all girths thanks to its silicone clip, Ceefit is the ideal companion for your daily trainings. Thanks to this sensor, you will benefit from all of Seaver's features:

  • Symmetry in trot to anticipate a lameness and act before it's too late.
  • Jump data such as height, angle and amplitude, cadence in approach, push, shift and more, to analyze your courses down to the last detail.
  • Video analysis to relive your course with precision
  • The speed to objectively work on your rythm
  • The GPS track to follow your outdoor trainings
  • Training exercises to help you progress when you ride alone

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Wanted to monitor my horse and I find the Seaver , it's like the "fitbit" for horse it gives me all the information I need. Very easy to use.

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